Investing in Businesses and Real Estate

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Sapientia Ventures represents a group of closely held private investments in active companies and real estate. The firm was founded by partners Chuck George, Wiley Runnestrand, and Mike Martof.

Sapientia is the Latin word for wisdom. We believe wisdom forms through the combination of knowledge and judgement. This principal forms the basis of our investment strategies.

Our Acquisition Criteria

Sapientia is actively developing mixed-use commercial and industrial real estate.

Sapientia is not actively pursuing new platforms but is selectively pursuing add-on acquisitions in the following industries:

  • Specialty Industrial Equipment (Distribution and Manufacturing)
    • Especially, interested in roofing, aerospace, defense and marine
  • Tarp systems and trucking products
  • Distributors, manufacturers, or remanufacturers of short-run, long lead-time, or legacy metal parts such as valves, industrial gears, transmissions, etc.